Much of Western society is dealing with an addiction epidemic. Whether it's food, alcohol, work, drugs, smoking or whatever, addiction is damaging to the addicted person and the people around them. Topics include:

  • Types of addiction: substance abuse, social addictions, workaholism and others

  • The drivers to addiction

  • Finding help and breaking free

  • Staying away from temptation

  • Dealing with loved ones facing addiction problems

Drug addiction is the most obvious type of substance abuse that we see in our cities, but it is not the be-all and end-all of addictive activities. We hear more and more about people addicted to eating, pornography, video games, gambling and so many more activities or substances; our instant-gratification culture has driven many people into the arms of addiction, and it's difficult to break them out.

We look at where addictions come from and why people fall into them; we also look at the ways that are available to break these addictions. Hopefully our experts and Whizolosophers alike can share their own thoughts on the cycle of addiction and how to get out of it. We also look at ways in which people can avoid returning to those familiar places, and how to help people in our lives who may also be caught up in an addiction cycle.