The world is, in general, pretty safe and secure for most of us. However, we all hear of situations where someone has perhaps stepped outside of the safe zone and suffered for it. Let's look at how this might happen. Topics include:

  • Recognizing dangerous situations and managing them

  • Dangerous activities with drugs and alcohol involved

  • Thrill seeking

  • Staying safe in a dangerous world

  • Trusting your instincts

There are people in the world who are dangerous, and most of us won't ever run across them: murderers, kidnappers, predators and others are out there, though, and we should watch out for them. There are many other situations that can be challenges to our safety, though: perhaps travelers might find themselves in places that are best left to the locals, for example. We may run across situations of road rage through no fault of ourselves. Our friends may do stupid things like driving while drunk or stoned. How do you Whizolosophers avoid these – let's hear your stories.

There are many ways to protect ourselves from these kinds of situations. How do you best remain aware of your surroundings and the people or activities nearby? What are the questions that you should ask to avoid danger? How do you respond to your instincts when it comes to protecting yourselves? While we all may consider ourselves to be quite safe, we never know when something might come up: it's important to be prepared.