Criminal activity has affected most of us in some way, even if it has just been a broken window on a car or other incidents. Most of us will be lucky enough to avoid serious crime, but for those who do face such challenges, there are many questions about crime and punishment in our society. Topics include:

  • Criminal acts according to the law

  • Policing and crime fighting on the streets

  • Court systems, lawyers, legal representation and rights

  • The penal system and offenders within the system

  • Corruption in our systems

  • Rehabilitation versus punishment

  • Dealing with young people in regards to criminal activity

And much more.

Every nation of the world has its own approach to crime and punishment; some are rather more strict than others, and a few go far beyond where any nation should go. It's important to understand what constitutes crimes, how criminal activity is investigated and managed through the legal system, and how criminals are dealt with once they have been convicted of their crimes. What are the best ways to deal with criminal activity of various kinds? How should criminals be dealt with in prison, and what are the best ways to rehabilitate people so they won't return to crime after release?

We also hope to look at areas of crime that are beyond petty theft, bodily harm and similar; crimes that climb into the higher strata of society like corruption in government, Internet crime, corporate criminals, and far more.