If there's one thing that everyone can benefit from in our world, it's good communication skills – misunderstandings can be the root of many problems in life. Topics in this section include:

  • Active listening

  • Thinking clearly before speaking

  • Politeness and manners

  • Non-verbal communication and body language

  • What's inappropriate in communication

There's so much to good communications with others. We encourage Whizolosophy readers to share their own experiences and knowledge on how to be a better communicator. What are the techniques that allow us to truly understand others; what listening skills are needed to really hear what's being said? Discuss the importance of speaking clearly and enunciation; at the same time, consider the need to avoid interrupting people or talking over them. What is the importance of eye contact, and how does a smile make a conversation more open and friendly?

We also want to consider things like inappropriate language and derogatory remarks, swearing, and similar challenging parts of communication. How does body language, how we hold ourselves, in conversation change our message? As an online site, we also want to explore the concept of online communication and how to effectively communicate through social mediums like websites and other channels. It's important to be understood correctly when communicating – let's look at how best to do that.