Everyone faces challenges in life; how we approach and navigate them defines us and our lives. NBA great Kobe Bryant once said: “Everything negative - pressure, challenges - is all an opportunity for me to rise.” Let's explore this through topics like:

  • Overcoming major obstacles and roadblocks in life

  • Learning from our mistakes

  • Dealing with tragedy

  • Social conflicts and disputes

  • It's okay to have bad days

  • Getting up when you fall down

There are so many things that can happen as we make our way through life: personal tragedy, problems at work, even something as simple as one's plans being disrupted can cause us to get angry or upset. There are many ways to deal with these kinds of situations, and we hope that between professional input and Whizolosophers we can share as many of these as we can. Inconveniences can be navigated, but tragedies can be far more difficult to deal with: how do we balance our approach and work around these things?

Pressure on us can come from all kinds of sources, and how we react can be key to our success. We face emotional challenges like relationship changes, we deal with conflict with our friends and family over social and political issues, and we encounter situations like illness and physical pain. Learning how to work through all of these situations is important in establishing ourselves with a healthy and happy life.