Equal rights for everyone is an important goal for humanity. Sadly, it is also one that we don't seem to be getting much closer to. In this section, we look at inequality and issues surrounding it, including:

  • Discrimination and racism

  • Bias and unintended prejudice

  • Women's rights and the challenges around them

  • Why do some people hate others based on race, gender, etc.

  • Persecution and genocide

  • Man's actions against man and the planet

Equal rights for all makes sense, doesn't it? Every man and woman should be equal to one another; we're all human, after all. Why is this such a contentious topic even today, with racism, nationalism and other philosophies that encourage imbalance and place one race, one gender, one nation over others a growing challenge?

We explore many facets of this discussion, looking at the roots of prejudice and racism, the reasoning for and against equality, the ways in which nationalism can put countries on roads that lead to terrible places like segregation, apartheid, ethnic cleansing and genocide. Hopefully we, our readers and professional contributors can provide an overview of why our society is so fractured despite the benefits for all that would come from true equality across the board.