It doesn't take much at all to be kind to others, so why is it so hard for so many people to do just that? We explore kindness and altruism in this category, including such topics as:

  • The importance of compassion
  • Giving back to society
  • How one person can make a difference
  • Actions for the betterment of others
  • Volunteering as a way of improving others' lives

Kindness often comes from the ability to see the world from other peoples' points of view: there are so many ways in which the world can be a challenge for others, that it's important to understand and recognize those challenges. From there, we nurture altruism – the ability to share with others to the benefit of everyone. There are many ways of being altruistic; we explore this with experts and Whizolosophers.

How do you give back to society? There are many ways of doing so: donating to charity, volunteering with organizations, and more. It may not always feel like a single person's contributions are going to do much good, but when that person joins many others, the benefits become far greater – and they encourage others to get involved. Think of all the actions that people have taken to better mankind, and we're sure your own ideas will start to perk to the surface!