We wake up every day just a little older and a little more mature – that's just how the world works. Sometimes accepting that we are always aging can be a challenge – or can it? Topics in this category include:

  • Maturing as a daily process

  • Acting your age: how do you define age appropriate expectations?

  • Different types of maturity: emotional, intellectual, and physical

  • Aging and gender: differences in how we all mature

  • Life from beginning to end and how to deal with the stages therein

There are many different cultural, religious and societal norms around the world when it comes to handling aging and maturity. How does your part of the world define maturity? What are the considerations and consequences surrounding reaching the age of majority, and how do expectations change as we get older? When we're young, we work towards developing life skills, and when we're older we're advantaged by the expectation that we have age and experience: how do Whizolosophers feel about that view?

Aging and maturity come with some stages that we must consider closely: becoming a parent, managing our homes and lives through our working careers, and maintaining ourselves beyond, after retirement. End of life considerations are becoming more and more of a focus for many people. We may all be able to maintain our thoughts as forever young, but there are things to keep in mind as we grow through life.