Since we explored the diet and nutritional needs, we also need to discuss the body's needs for something else: activity. Eating for health is one thing, but we also need to work our bodies to ensure they remain healthy. Topics include:

  • Body types, biological and physiological realities

  • Fitness and training methods

  • Activities that support good health

  • Small changes for big differences

  • Too much exercise

And more.

It's not difficult to get more exercise – for many people, it's as simple as putting down the phone and going for a walk. However, a little more effort is always good, and we'd love to hear from Whizolosophers about how they spend their time to keep their bodies in good condition. What's your preferred approach: are you a gym rat, do you have trainers, or do you jog around your neighbourhood as your exercise? Organized sports are a great way to stay fit; alternately, individual approaches are great too.

There are little things that can help us be more fit, things like picking the stairs instead of the elevator on a regular basis, or walking to the store rather than breaking out the car. Some people overdo it and get addicted to exercise – it becomes a compulsion. How do you avoid this danger? There's also the effects of aging on our approaches to fitness – we need to consider this as well. What about programs like Pilates, yoga, tai chi and the martial arts – can they fit into our fitness approach?